About Ouroboros Nutrition

Through our company we seek to educate, enrich & empower the user. We'll never use cheap marketing gimmicks, shady sales tactics, ambiguous ingredients lists; we just want to make the best products we can using the best research available. Our mission with Ouroboros Nutrition is to be a disruptor in the industry and make proprietary blends a thing of the past. We hope with our fully transparent approach, emphasis on quality in our product and a price that is super affordable that we can change the industry around. The way we see it, is that our product makes the majority of the industry obsolete.

What We Do

We take the guesswork out of supplements. You don't need to wonder what's inside the bottle, its clearly labeled and clinically dosed.

Why We Do It

It all started with the idea to make a no bs pre-workout. We were always looking at pre-workout labels and only saw proprietary blends. We could never tell what exactly was in anything or the amounts of it. Which is why we started an Indiegogo campaign and made our dream of a transparent, no bs pre-workout a reality. We want to bring this same focus to the whole industry.