Pre+ [Base]

Pre+ [Base] - This is our new adjustable pre-workout. Taking two scoops of our new Pre+ [Base] won’t have you wasting ingredients like in our original Pre+ formula. With 175mg of caffeine per scoop, and WAY less beta-alanine, Pre+ Base is the perfect pre-workout for those looking to double scoop without wasting expensive ingredients.


Superfood Green Drink Mix

It’s a delicious green drink. We suck at eating vegetables so we wanted to make it easier, but again we weren’t satisfied with what we saw in the market. Our green drink has over 30 different veggies per scoop, 2.5 billion CFU’s of probiotics, and we even got a prebiotic blend of different fibers that your gut loves. It’s now easier than ever to eat your vegetables.


Nitric Oxide Booster

Sometimes you're just looking for that sweet pump but don't want the crash that comes with caffeine. Also, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, so just having the Nitric Oxide boosters as a standalone ingredient will help you see better results!



It’s time for brain gains. We kept hearing about users taking Pre+ just to get some work done, so we wanted to make a new product specifically for you. No more taking 4 grams of beta-alanine and tingling for an hour at your computer! Our Nootropic is a unique complex of minerals and other ingredients that can help support enhanced memory, alertness, as well as combat "brain fog." This is the perfect supplement to add to your daily routine for getting stuff done outside of the gym